Silverstein- Dancing on my Grave [Guitar Cover]

A cover from Silversteins new album "Transitions" EP that I’ve purchased. I love their new songs including Sacrifice and Replace You. I will be covering them as soon as possible so make sure to add me or subscribe to keep in touch. I did learn this by ear and played it in a different tuning. Shane Told told me through Formspring that this song was done in Eb tuning but this video was in C#, I realized after practicing it tons so I decided to post this way. Anyways I will give you guys the tabs just in case you guys want to learn it. Critism is ok as long as you make it constructive. Thanks in advance! Tuning: Drop C Skill Level: Intermediate © 2010 by Hopeless Records. WMG Music content in the background is not owned by me.

Source: YouTube

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