Crazy G (attempt) on the Ukulele

I have a bit of an obsessive personality, so while watching videos of Jake Shimabukuro online one night I decided I wanted to play Crazy G come hell or high water. It was as hot as hell (apologies for the "sheen") and we’re coming out of flooding and cyclones in South East Queensland so I decided to play it over and over and over until I had it. Also snuck a look at Dominator Uke’s tabs for it. Sorry about the mistakes and the *abrupt* change in volume. Uke is my new precious, Kala spalted maple tenor from Guitar Centre in Woolloongabba. —– I play with the BUMS – and you should too! I’m on twitter I have a facebook page you "like": February 2011 I’m trying my hand at FAWM:

Source: YouTube

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