The Devil Wears Prada – “Escape” Guitar Cover by D3ATHTWIST

I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS, ALL COPYRIGHTS GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. If you like this, please subscribe and feel very free to comment on everything. I though this one would be fun to do as I was randomly scrolling through the Ultimate-Guitars different tabs and seen this. So, why not give it a go. I think it turned out pretty well, except one pretty big screw-up in the movie, cake to the one who can point it out. I can only speak for myself, but I can say I think this is some of the heaviest riffs I’ve heard. Of course we have our own definition of what heavy is, but first time hearing this song it blev my mind, it’s just so damn intense with the intro building up and all. A great song, really. As usual I recorded this with my Zoom G9.2tt effects pedal and my Schecter Damien 7 guitar. Peace.

Source: YouTube

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