Make Ukulele Tabs with A+ MIDI Ukulele (iPhone & iPod Touch) & Guitar Pro 6.0

The fastest way to make Ukulele tablature: and http for more info. What you need: 1. A+ MIDI Ukulele ($1.99 sale now) = The world’s 1st and only MIDI Ukulele controller on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It works on iPad as well but it is not optimized for the screen size. An separate iPad version will be released in the near future. 2. Guitar Pro 6.0 ($59.99) = One of the best tablature creation programs on the market 3. DSMIDIWifi Server (Free) = A server you run on your computer so that it can communicate with your iPhone/iTouch/iPad 4. LoopBe (FREE) for Windows users ONLY = A virtual MIDI driver Setup: 1. Connect your iPhone/iTouch/iPad to your router via WIFI. 2. Connect the router to your computer using a LAN cable to maximize performance. Using WIFI on your computer will slow down response time. 3. Run DSMIDIWifi server on your computer 4. Windows users need to also run LoopBe 5. In Guitar Pro a. Click "Sound" then "MIDI Capture" b. Choose "DSMIDIWIFE-out" as the device c. Set the delay low for fast note input Hope you enjoy making Ukulele tabs at super speeds with the above setup. Please rate, comment, subscribe, and tell your friends about A+ MIDI Ukulele and Guitar Pro 6.0. Thank you. Have a good day.

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