Hollow – Submersed Guitar Cover

My first real song I’ve learned, been playing guitar for 1,5 years now, of which 1 year was acoustic, so around half a year of electric. This is my favorite song ever, so was the first to be learned (maybe a bit to difficult for me, but hey, it’s for fun! Gear: – Guitar: Squier Telecaster Affinity – Amp: Stagg 40 GA R – Pedal(s): BOSS DS-1 Distortion I won’t say tabs, as I found some on the internet and just made slight changes. My playing is far from perfect, but good enough for me, practice will fix most. Maybe when I get myself a pod or something to record the sound better, I’ll put some main tabs instead of the text, but not sure yet. Known playing-issues: – keeping up witht he rythm; – the intro. Song: Hollow by the group Submersed As this is a cover, copyright for the song doesn’t apply. I do however have own the copyright of this video, and everyone who publishes it in any way without my written permission will have it removed.

Source: YouTube

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