Bach’s Minuet in G – RoseKnight ft. Akane + Chinese New Year Wish

Hey guys, RoseKnight here and I’m back. XD A short cover of Minuet in G by Johann Sebastian Bach, a German composer during the Barosque period. I know, I know, this song has no connection to Chinese New Year but since it is CNY so i just wish you guys anyway. GONG XI FA CAI XD Dedicated to my friend ‘Denise Lim’ because she likes Bach very much. XD And to my other chinese friends who is celebrating chinese new year And again, special thanks to ‘Guitar Exercise for Dummies’ for preparing the tabs and background songs. And to my mum for lending her camera for a better audio and video quality. P/S: Do you like my ma gua (馬掛)? er…is that what you called? XP

Source: YouTube

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